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Typography 3 } Project Examples

An advanced typography studio exploring typographic information, materiality, expressive typography, intuitive investigations and conceptual experiments.

Project } 

Typography & Culture

This final project builds on the experimental concepts introduced and practiced in projects 1 and 2 (below), but at a monumental scale. Students select a poem for an environmental installation to promote National Poetry Month. Materiality, production, viability, environmental concerns, audience and context are explored.

Readings from:

Lettering Large: Art & Design

of Monumental Typography.

Steven Heller & Mirko Ilic



Non-Verbal Messaging

Expanding the concepts that were explored in Project 1 (below), students create a poster promoting an event. Style, weight, texture, emotional impact and composition will be further explored. Research and analysis of client needs along with audience expectations, verbal and non-verbal messaging will be the topics of critical discussions in the development of this project. 

Project } 

Material Matters

Beginning with a word pairing, students create a narrative utilizing materiality, lighting and conceptual meaning-ultimately conveying a visceral experience of language. Photographic and typographic skills, style, weight, texture, emotional impact and composition are explored and discussed. 

Readings from:

Letterwork: Creative Letterforms

in Graphic Design.

Brody Neuenschwander

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