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Typography 2 } Project Examples

Intermediate studies in typographic communications exploring student awareness of typography as an expressive medium that carries personal, aesthetic and social meaning. 


Balance, Dynamics, and Deconstruction

Continued study of letterforms, typographic form, and the grid will translate into a concert event calendar. In this project, students deconstruct the grid while maintaining a balanced and dynamic design. The history of deconstruction is reviewed during this project.

Readings from:

Making and Breaking the Grid

Timothy Samara


Project } 

Magazine Spreads & The Grid

A discussion of visual hierarchy begins the exploration of modular, column, and manuscript grids.

Emphasis is placed on consistency with consideration of balance, contrast, rhythm, unity, harmony, hierarchy, context, and message. Relationships between all elements: imagery, headline, sub-head, kicker, byline, photo credit, folio, etc. are discussed in-depth.

Readings from:

Typographic Systems

Kimberly Elam

Project } 

Self-Identity Stereotype Poster

Through research and exploration of stereotyping and self-identity, students design a poster to create awareness. Using the connections between typography and image to communicate a concept and point of view.

Research, analysis, and writing are a large component of this project.

Readings from:

Thinking with Type

Ellen Lupton

Topics Project } 

Typographic Culture

The Arts Institute at Bournemouth, England

In response to a creative brief from Bournemouth, students created typographic posters reflecting either their own or a classmates cultural background. The aim of the project was to explore an aspect of culture using the discipline of typography and develop an understanding of the multi-cultural environment.


An exploration of the built environment lead to built posters. Emphasis was placed on research, information gathering, analyze and the synthesize of findings. The results was shared internationally through a collective Word Press site.

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