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Information Design } Project Examples

An intermediate studio course exploring the fundamental theories and methodologies of visualizing qualitative and quantitative information. Creative design solutions involve research, analysis, and problem-solving in consideration of context, concept, audience and process.

Project } 

Narrative & Visual Storytelling

Students establish the ability to develop research skills and create visual form in response to communication problems with these timelines.

This includes an in-depth understanding of information hierarchy, symbolic representation, typography, aesthetics, and the construction of meaningful images.

Readings from:

Information Design Workbook

Kim Baer


Project } 

Discovery | Process | Methodology

This project challenges both quantitative analysis and visual communication skills. Gallop Poll data is interpreted visually with use of metaphor. Methodologies
that follow the process of research, writing, conceptualization and design development are discussed in a non-linear way.

Readings from:

Envisioning Information

Edward Tufte

Infographics: The Power of Visual
Story Telling

Jason Lankow, Ross Crooks, Josh Ritchie

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