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Degree Project } Project Examples

An advanced studio course, students transform a self-initiated research proposal into a visual communication project. This capstone course emphasizes both critical and design thinking, and is broken into four modules that involve topic development, information gathering and analysis, conceptual thesis, and contextual framework.

FatBabble Campaign 

Natalie Krakirian​

Fat babble, a conversation of guilt and self-deprecation that follow us to every meal, is going unchallenged. It is seen as socially acceptable, and consequently it is becoming a normal part of everyone’s lives. While women are focused on losing weight, men are focused on gaining muscle and both of these goals are based off of glorified images we see 3,000 times a day.

There cannot be change without awareness. Quieting fat babble begins with information. And that is what and the accompanying large scale billboard campaign supplies.



Karin Yehuda​

For centuries people have been intrigued by their own image. A viral phenomenon know as the selfie emerged into contemporary culture inevitably becoming a dictionary term in 2012. Because of the selfie's instantaneous rise in popularity, society has developed a tendency to some the phenomena as a superficial, narcissistic habit.

#wetheselfie encourages the digital, collective experience of the selfie on social media. The hashtag, promoted on mirrored installations across campus ,direct people to the #wetheselfie Instagram page. The Instagram posts include factual and historical information from self-portraiture to selfie.

The Instagram page links to the blog where viewers find more information photos of the installations and are encouraged to share in the positive conversation.

Ubtan Beauty } 

Saba Shakoor

Ubtan is a skin care process originating from Ayurveda. It is not a marketed product, but a mixture of natural ingredients that can be created at home. For decades Indian brides have used this regime as part of the wedding ritual to make their skin softer and smoother. 

This kit brings together the recipes
and ingredients from the Ancient Royal culture of India to maintain skin problems like acne, wrinkles, and facial hair. The kit encourages woman to mix their own customized skincare utilizing natural oils, organic powers and fresh ingredients from their own kitchen.

The App guides women to incorporate
the process into their daily routine with recipes, tracking and demonstrations. 

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