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Communication Design } Project Examples

An intermediate studio course in graphic design exploring the fundamental theories and methodologies of visual communication. Development of creative design solutions involving research, information analysis and problem solving in consideration of context, concept, audience and process.

Digital Blackout Challenge 

Students develop a visual communication for a call to action to unplug all digital devices for the period of three days

and reconnect with one’s natural surroundings. This challenge was initially given by

Stress is placed on image/word relationships, symbols, exploration, originality, and engaging visual communication appropriate for the defined audience.   

Readings from:

Design for Communication

Elizabeth Resnick


How to Get Ideas

Jack Foster


Event Branding 

Students select and research a specific cultural event to brand. This project requires investigation, analysis, synthesis, communication, experimentation, defining audience, craft, materials, systems, method, process, and design. 

Readings from

Visual Research: An Introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design

Ian Noble & Russell Bestley

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